Rojava intellectuals: Kurdish unity is salvation, so it concerns Turkish state

Intellectuals from the Union of Intellectuals of Rojava Kurdistan saw that achieving the unity of the Kurdish ranks is the only salvation to stop the genocide against the Kurdish people, and "this unity is what causes the concern of the Turkish occupation state."

The attempts of the Turkish occupation state aiming to exterminate the Kurdish people are still continuing in all parts of Kurdistan, and to undermine the gains they achieved. In efforts to repel these attacks, the intellectuals of Rojava Kurdistan see that the unity of the Kurdish ranks is the only solution to stop the practice of genocide against the Kurdish people.

In this regard, the Head of the Intellectuals Union of Rojava Kurdistan Walid Bakr said: "The barbaric attacks launched by the Turkish occupation state on Başûr Kurdistan, North and East Syria are repeated throughout history in all parts of Kurdistan. The history of the Turkish state is full of massacres against the Kurdish people."

Bakr pointed to the reason that led the Turkish state to take advantage of the gains of the North Syrian Revolution and occupy the regions of northern and eastern Syria, such as Afrin canton, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî, and said: "This came against the background of the victories achieved by the revolution, given that the Kurds were the leaders who led this revolution that established the principles of the autonomous administration on the ground."

As for the reason of the attacks launched by the Turkish occupation state on Başûr Kurdistan, Bakr affirmed: "The goal is to deny the existence of the Kurdish people by targeting all groups of the people who seek freedom and peace."

Bakr affirmed: "The policy of the Turkish occupation state must fail, the people of freedom will triumph with the unity of the Kurds, and victory will be for all oppressed peoples."

For her part, the Deputy Head of the Intellectuals Union of Rojava Kurdistan Nariman Abdkeh talked about the role of the Kurdish unity in this current stage, she said: "Everyone calls for the unity of the Kurdish ranks and demands its achievement. In fact, everyone is afraid of the unity of the Kurds because they will foil their interests. Despite following the policy of discrimination against us and the division of our land, they will not be able to break our will easily."

Farid Saadoun, a teacher at Rojava University explained that deepening the history of the Kurdish people, it is clear from many of the horizons of the policies of the occupied countries that have always sought to sow discord and differences among the Kurdish people by forming political blocs that do not wish their unity to control them according to their interests, and there are many examples on that in the history of the Kurds.

Saadoun added: "The enemies of the Kurdish people are trying again to create conflicts among the Kurdish people at a time when the Kurdish community seeks to build political convergence among themselves, and these steps towards unity send great hope in the souls of the Kurdish people to achieve unity."

Saadoun emphasized: "The Kurdish unity will make it easier for the Kurdish people to reach their rights, and they will be able to discuss at the Geneva table and in all international conferences in order to solve Kurdish and Middle East issues, to unify at the military, political and economic levels in addition to the organization of the Kurdish community. Then, nobody will be able to eradicate the gains of the Kurdish people."



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