Rojava's Intellectuals' delegation arrives at Southern Kurdistan 

A delegation by representatives of Cultural Unions of Rojava have met representatives of some cultural bodies and associations in Southern Kurdistan, in a bid to find ways for unifying positions and Kurdish cultural address in divisive issues amid fears of Kurdish infighting. 

A delegation by some cultural unions in Rojava, had arrived yesterday at Southern Kurdistan, in a visit lasts for some days to meet representatives of cultural bodies and associations in Southern Kurdistan, to discuss the current situation and as well as ways of gaping bridges for contact with the cultural bodies in Southern Kurdistan and Rojava.

The delegation is made up of member of the Administrative Body in the Rojavai Kurdistan Intellectuals Union Ahmed al-Husaini, head of  Kurdish Writers in Syria Qader Egid and co-chair of  the Intellectuals' Union in the Jazira Canton Anahita Sino.

Yesterday, the delegation met  General Director of Culture and Art in Duhok, Dr. Ayub Ramadan Fatah, in which they discussed the ongoing situation and means of unifying Kurdish stances and cultural address on the decisive issues and fears of a Kurdish infighting, as well as ways of gaping bridges for a better cultural exchange between cultural bodies in Southern Kurdistan and those in Rojava.   

The delegation paid also a visit to Kurdistan Journalists Syndicate- Duhok, where they met deputy Haitham Botros and member Raqib Mahmoud where they discussed the objectivity of  journalism and refusing the hatred speech.

The delegation concluded activities of the first day by paying a visit to the Kurdish Writers Union Office- Duhok, where they were received by head of the union Hesen Slivani, deputy Mohamed Abdullah and members of the Administrative Body, Salam Palayi, Dr. Na'mat Allah Niheli, Hakim Abdullah.

They discussed thoroughly the necessity of adopting common positions in case any Kurdish infighting erupts, and accepting the other by all Kurdish parts.

It is scheduled that the delegation visit Hewler and Sulaimaniya to meet a number of figures and representatives of cultural bodies.


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