Russia and Syria must take their responsibilities

Deputy to the Joint Presidency of the Executive Council in the Afrin Canton held the international community responsible towards breaches against the people of Afrin at the hands of the Turkish Occupation Army and the backed mercenaries, and called on Russia and the Syrian government to take their responsibilities. 

Statements of the Deputy to the Joint Presidency of the Executive Council in the Afrin Canton, Israfil Mustafa, came in an interview with the HAWAR News Agency, with reference to violations in Afrin against civilians, religious shrines and archaeological sites, in addition to looting peoples' properties. 

Mustafa made clear that what is being going on in Afrin and the other occupied areas in Syria is a continuation to the Ottoman Empire approach to annihilate all peoples in the region and to extend it's occupation in Syria. 

'Turkey has become  a rogue state that must be held accountable'

Mustafa stressed that the Turkish State has become a rogue one, ''what Turkey does contradicts the UN Security Council Charter that was issued in 2014, and  decree 2254, that stipulates to stop all hostilities and convert to the political process, on which the Turkish State and it's backed mercenaries must be held accountable and put an end to their violations, and expel it from Afrin and all the occupied areas in Syria because it is engaged in terrorism and sponsors it world-wide''.

'Re-emergence of ISIS in the occupied areas is a new menace'

On the re-emergence of the ISIS related mercenaries in the occupied areas and hoisting it's banner, Mustafa noted that ISISI mercenaries are already present in Afrin and the other occupied areas, saying that they were doing every evil act in those areas, and that mercenaries of the so-called '' Syrian National Army'' are all previous elements of the terrorist ISIS groups.

'Russian forces and the NGOs broken promises'

On the Russian response towards these breaches Mustafa made clear that '' Russian forces and Human Rights Organizations and those concerned with the displaced issues have never reacted to us, and their mere reaction was just a promise that the Turkish State would be held accountable on it's actions and violations against Afrin and it's people''.  

'the Syrian Government must take it's responsibilities on the ongoing situation'

On the position of the Syrian government Mustafa said : '' the silence prevails on the part of the Syrian government towards Turkey's actions in Afrin and the occupied areas raise questions about the reality of it's stance''.



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