Russia begins production of "S-400" system for Turkey

Russia began production of S-400 air defense system to Turkey after the two sides agreed on technological cooperation in this field.


The director of the Russian arms export company Alexander Mekhiev announced that Russia has begun producing S-400 air defense systems for Turkey.

He explained that the talk currently is not about the start of the export of "S-400", has been the start of production of the air defense system.

Alexander Mekhiev "The production process has started, there are cycles and stages, all the details have been agreed, and we will carry out our commitments."

The Russian and Turkish sides signed a loan agreement to supply the "S-400" in December last year. The two sides agreed on technological cooperation in this area in order to develop the production of anti-aircraft missile systems in Turkey.

The United States has warned Turkey against the dangers of its cooperation with Russia in Syria.

The US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs said that buying Turkey's S-400 systems could lead to sanctions against Ankara under the Anti-American Enemies Act through sanctions and could negatively affect Ankara's acquisition of modern F-35 fighter jets.



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