Russia calls on US for meeting on al-Rukban in presence of regime, Jordan

Russia sent an invitation to the United States to attend a meeting on the 26th of this month to discuss the subject of al-Rukban Camp in the presence of the Syrian regime and Jordan.


Russia proposed to hold a meeting on March 26 to discuss the issue of al-Rukban Camp, with the participation of the United States, Jordan and the Syrian regime.

"The two sides do not rule out the possibility of postponing this meeting to April 2 or 9 if the parties concerned fail to do so on March 26," a joint statement issued by the so-called "Russian and Syrian Coordination headquarters, " said on Friday.

The statement added that Russia had called on the United States to participate in this meeting to formulate agreed steps aimed at dismantling the camp.

It also pointed out that "the coordination centers decided to allow the visit to the camp of the Rukban by a working group comprising representatives from Syria, Russia, the United States, Jordan and the United Nations, vowing to ensure their security in al-Tanf area using aircraft and the Russian and American air forces."



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