Russia establishes military post opposite to Turkish occupation’s in Saraqeb

The Russian forces established a military post opposite to a military post established by the Turkish occupation army near Saraqeb two days ago. Meanwhile, government forces shelled mercenary sites in the so-called "De-Escalation Zone.”

The Russian forces established a military post opposite the Turkish point in Saraqib 50 meters away from the Damascus government forces.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the Russian forces deported the members of the Damascus government forces from the site, to prevent friction between them and the mercenaries of Turkey, and concurrently, the Turkish occupation forces deported their mercenaries from the construction site.

Two days ago, the Turkish occupation forces established a military post near the village of Afs, north of Saraqib, which is under the control of the Damascus government forces.

The occupation forces transferred heavy weapons to this new point, which is the 65th point that the occupation army is establishing in the so-called "De-Escalation Zone.”

In another context, the Damascus government forces renewed their ground bombardment on the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation in the so-called "De-Escalation Zone”.

They targeted after midnight Monday places in Fleifel, Binin, Al-Bara and Al-Fatira, in the southern sector of Idlib countryside, as well as areas in Al-Ghab Plain northwest of Hama with missile and artillery shells.


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