Russia expects control of Idlib soon, Islamists will gift Libya to Erdogan

Russia expressed concern about the terrorists in Idlib, and expected it to be liberated soon, while observers described the agreement between Turkey and the government of accord has granted Turkey the right to act in Libya in exchange for protecting (Islamists), while the crisis in Lebanon and Iraq entered a decisive stage of recent negotiations.

On Monday morning, the Arab newspapers touched upon the situation in Idlib, as well as to Turkey's agreement with al-Saraj government, and the crisis in Lebanon and Iraq.

Al-Bayan: Moscow reiterates its concern about the presence of terrorists in Idlib

The Arab newspapers published this morning on the Syrian issue dealt with several issues, the most prominent of which was the situation in Idlib, and in this context al-Bayan newspaper said, "Yesterday, the Russian presidency (the Kremlin) expressed its concern about the presence of" terrorists "in Idlib governorate, noting that these pose a threat of the Syrian army and the Russian military.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in televised comments, "Russia is still concerned about the presence of terrorists in the Idlib governorate, and expects to liberate it from them."

Peskov added: "We do not hide our concerns about the remaining terrorist threats in Idlib, and so far we have not been able to separate the terrorists (from the armed opposition), and the terrorists continue their activities there, and pose a threat to the Syrian army and our military."

Al-Emarat al-Youm: Consultations to form the new Iraqi government enter critical hours

In the Iraqi issue, al-Emarat al-Youm newspaper said today, "The political blocs in Iraq are engaged in the last minute negotiations to nominate a new candidate to form the transitional government, following the resignation of the previous government headed by Adel Abdul Mahdi, at the beginning of this month. These consultations and meetings come at a time when Baghdad and nine provinces are demonstrating and sit-ins is preceded in the history of Iraq, to ​​demand a change in the political process, and the enactment of a new election law to form a new government.

The Iraqi President, Barham Salih, addressed a letter to the Speaker of the Parliament, Muhammad al-Halbousi, requesting that he be informed of the largest number of parliamentary blocs, registered in the first session of the Council, for the purpose of assigning a new candidate to form the Council of Ministers, and at a time when the blocs and parties are seeking to search for a candidate from within the current political structure where the demonstrators are asking for an independent candidate outside the political process.

Al-Arab: Libya is the Islamists ’gift to Turkey in exchange for staying in power

Regarding the Libyan issue, Al-Arab newspaper said, "The provisions of the Libyan-Turkish agreement revealed the Turkish acquisition of Libya's capabilities and the domination of its sovereign decision, especially related to the maritime field.

Observers described the agreement whose clauses were published by local media as a “white instrument” that allows Turkey to act absolutely militarily in Libya, in exchange for protecting the Islamist government, which they see as ending politically, especially in light of the tour by Parliament Speaker Aqila Saleh to persuade countries to withdraw their recognition of a government of accord."

The terms of the agreement indicate that Turkey can use Libyan airspace, its territories and territorial waters under the pretext of security training and cooperation.



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