Russia is ready to cooperate with Washington to eliminate terrorism in Syria, Libya

Russia has shown willingness to cooperate with everyone, including Washington, to eliminate the remaining terrorist in Syria, Libya, and the whole Middle East.


Russia's special envoy to the Middle East and Africa, Mikhail Bogdanov, expressed Moscow's readiness to cooperate with all, including Washington, to completely liquidate the remaining terrorist strongholds in Syria.

Bogdanov's remarks came at the opening session of Valdai Forum Conference on the Middle East, which opened in Moscow on Tuesday.

Bogdanov warned that IS mercenaries after the loss of the square on the ground increase its activity in the areas to which the elements return.

He pointed out that IS mercenaries strengthen their positions in Libya, where they also strengthen their relations with "Al Qaeda" organization there.

Bogdanov noted that the expansion of IS in Afghanistan is a direct threat to the CSTO member states, including Russia.

SDF were able to liberate most of the areas under IS mercenaries control in Syria. The regime's forces also took control of large areas, where only Idlib and its surrounding areas remained under the control of Jabhat al-Nusra mercenaries with Turkish support.

In Libya, Libyan sources and deputies have accused Turkey of supporting terrorism, where Istanbul recently hosted a meeting of Libyan extremists under the supervision of Turkish intelligence in order to prepare for the upcoming elections.


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