Russia is silent on the killing of its officers in Syria

Erdogan accused Washington of neutralizing the buffer zone to the benefit of the Kurds as Moscow hides the killing of its officers in Syria and the explosions that targeted the headquarters of Iraqi militias in al-Bukamal

On Monday morning, the Arab newspapers focused on the situation on the so-called buffer zone and the situation in Idlib province.

Al-Arab: Erdogan accuses Washington of neutralizing the buffer zone in favor of the Kurds

Regarding the buffer zone, Al-Arab newspaper said, "The Turkish president hints to launch a military operation in the region by threatening to form a buffer zone with his soldiers in eastern Euphrates before the end of September."

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sharply criticized the United States on Sunday, a few hours after joint patrols began in the buffer zone of northeastern Syria, there are disagreements about each other's view of the agreement reached last August on that area.

The Turkish president said Ankara and Washington were at odds over the establishment of a "buffer zone". "We are negotiating with the United States about the buffer zone, but at every step we see that what we want and what they think is not the same thing." And added “It seems that our ally is looking for a buffer zone for the terrorist organization, not for us. We reject such a position.”

Erdogan's remarks are not surprising to observers in terms of the major gaps in the agreement signed on August 7, which would sooner or later have sparked differences between the two sides. Among the gaps is the lack of agreement on the depth of the safe area, where the Turks insist that it is about 25 km, while the Kurds stick to their position not to exceed the depth of 14 km in some areas with a predominantly Arab.

Another disputed point is that Ankara is seeking to resettle the roughly one million Syrian refugees on its territory in the buffer zone, in an apparent effort to change the demographic composition there, which has been categorically rejected by the Kurdish component.

Al-Bayan: Syria … explosions al-Bukamal targeted the headquarters of Iraqi militias

"Three explosions were heard in the Syrian area of al-Bukamal, adjacent to the Iraqi Qaim district.

Sources pointed out that these explosions targeted the headquarters of the militias belonging to the Popular Mobilization, including the headquarters of the militias Al-Abdal, Haidarion and Iraqi Hezbollah inside Syrian territory, and resulted in deaths and injuries among the militias, according to Al- Arabiya.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the explosions were caused by the bombing of unidentified aircraft so far.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat: Moscow is silent about the killing of its officers in Idlib

As for the Syrian issue, Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper said, "Russian newspapers revealed accurate information about the identity of the Russian officers who were reportedly killed in the De-escalation zone in Idlib last week. However, no additional statements were issued by the Russian Defense Ministry, except to deny the news at the time of its deployment.

Russian sources referred to the departure of the official authorities from dealing with this news and raised the media, to the internal political situation; on the eve of local elections, and protests in Russian cities were calling for an end to the war in Syria within the slogans.

Media reports in Russian newspapers said last weekend that three officers of the Russian army were killed and two wounded, as a result of landmines explosion near the town of Goren in Idlib province. The Ministry of Defense was quick to deny the report.   "There are no checkpoints for Russian forces in that area, and the information published by one of the Russian media does not correspond to the truth."

However, the Russian newspaper «RPK» published a report in which it showed a picture of three officers on a table with some flowers, and said, citing sources familiar with the circumstances of the incident, the dead officers are Lieutenant Kirill Nikonov, Capt. Dmitry Siskov and Major Roman Mitsik. The three have served in special operations units of the Russian armed forces.



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