Russia threatens "terrorists" in Idlib, racist statements by AKP 

As the escalation in the so-called "reduction of escalation" in Syria continues, Russia has vowed to kill terrorists in Idlib and recalled Turkey's failure to implement its obligations there. Erdogan's party, which lost the Istanbul election, began to launch racist statements attacking everyone without achieving the popularity it lost.

Arab newspapers published this morning dealt with the situation in "reducing the escalation" in Syria, and the Turkish elections.

AL-Hayat: Lavrov threatens "terrorists" in Idlib

"Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has vowed to respond harshly and aggressively to attacks by groups he described as" terrorist "in the northwestern province of Idlib.

Lavrov said in a joint press conference with his counterpart in Moscow today that "the terrorists are constantly carrying out provocative attacks and bombardment of Syrian army positions in the towns and the Russian air base." He added: "Of course we will respond harshly. "

Lavrov stressed that in order to put an end to insurgent provocations, the opposition forces and terrorists in Idlib must be separated as soon as possible, according to the Russian-Turkish agreement in Sochi in September.

He continued: "The key role (in achieving this goal) back to Turkey, and we believe that it must be accelerated, it is long overdue."

Al-Arab newspaper: Rise in the level of racism in Erdogan's speech before the round of re-election of Istanbul

With regard to the Turkish elections and the confusion of the Justice and Development Party, Al-Arab newspaper said: "Officials of the ruling Justice and Development Party in Turkey are still under the influence of shock after losing their main stronghold in Istanbul, which led them to free from the rhetoric of rationality they have been in the past, and began to launch racist remarks attacking everybody.

While the Kurds also were targeted by the  leaders of the party of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and its ally of the Nationalist Movement, their campaign focused mainly on the candidate of the Republican People's Party, and the candidate who defeated  them in the first round Akram Imam Oglu.

The pro-Erdogan media promotes the fact that Imam Oglu conceals "Greek assets" and intends to support those who intend to "turn Istanbul into Constantinople again" as he descends from the Black Sea region.

The statement came in the words of President Erdogan in his speech at the weekend of the run-off scheduled for June 23, and this speech was widely covered on the front pages of Turkish newspapers, Monday. "


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