Russian aircraft bombards hospital, regime bombards checkpoint

The Russian aircraft bombed a civilian hospital in the town of Latamna in northern Hama, killing 3 civilians and injuring 10 others. On the other hand, the regime forces bombed a populated area near a Turkish "checkpoint".

A source from Idlib said Russian aircraft bombed a civilian hospital in the city of Latamna in the province of Hama on Sunday night by air strike.

The source pointed out that the shelling killed three civilians inside the hospital (it is not known if they are sick or not) and injured 10 others, in addition to the hospital machineries were severely affected, and the source said that the patients in the hospital were transferred to the hospital in the city of Kefranbel in rural Idlib.

The source sent pictures to ANHA agency reporter showing damage to the hospital.

The source said that the Syrian regime bombed the camp of Cher Mghar in the mountain of Shahshabo in the northern Hama countryside, near the Turkish observation point, which was established under the Treaty of Astana with Russia and Iran.

He pointed out that when the civilians wanted to go to the Turkish observation point to take shelter from the bombing, the Turkish occupation army fired at them and forced them to return, to show the face of the Turkish occupation army, which is interested in its interest only.

The source sent a picture of the bombing of the regime on the camp as well.




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