Russian attacks, shelling on demilitarized following Astana's failure

The mercenaries in the so-called demilitarized zones launched new attacks on the positions of the regime forces, killing 17 people and injuring about 30 others, while the Russian airliner targeted the countryside Idlib and Hama, after the end of the meeting of Astana, which failed due to differences of guarantors.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the mercenary groups in the areas of Zamar and Khan Toman in the southern and south-western parts of Aleppo, within the so-called demilitarized zones according to the Russian-Turkish expression, carried out two major attacks after midnight on points of the regime forces in the two regions.

The first attack was carried out by the mercenaries of the "Guardians of Religion" group on the points of the regime forces in the Zamar-Hareesh area in southern Aleppo countryside, accompanied by mutual bombing between the two sides. The second attack was carried out by the mercenaries of the "Omar bin al-Khattab Army" South-west of Aleppo.

Clashes between the two sides coincided with the exchange of fighting with machine guns, amid aerial bombardment of areas of engagement.

The attacks resulted in the deaths of 17 elements of the regime forces, injuring about 30 others, in addition to the killing of 8 mercenaries.

In a related context, Russian air strikes repeated on Friday evening on areas in the villages of Hama and Idlib, where the warplanes carried out at least four raids targeted two of them, the village of al-Amqaya and the village of Anakawi, within Sehl al-Ghab in the north-western Hama, and another village of Kukba in Mount Shahshbo.

The escalation comes after the end of the 12th round of Astana meetings on Syria, amid a failure to make any progress due to differences between the guarantors on the constitutional committee and the situation in Idlib.




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