Russian Defense: 3 Russian soldiers killed in Syria at end of February

The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed the deaths of three Russian military personnel in Syria who have been missing since the end of February.

"The three soldiers were caught in an ambush by armed men on their return after carrying out their duties by transporting humanitarian aid to a town in the Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor at the end of last month," the Russian defense said in a statement.

Since receiving information on the loss of the three soldiers, the Ministry of Defense, in cooperation with the Syrian security services, has begun to search for the military.

The Ministry of Defense indicated that as a result of the special procedures the identity of the armed group that attacked the military vehicle had been identified and that they had been killed in battle.

The Ministry of Defense confirmed that the Russian space air forces carried out in cooperation with the Special Operations Unit a security operation resulted in the elimination of an armed group of more than 30 elements, which is responsible for the attack.

The Russian Defense Ministry said the bodies of the three soldiers had been transferred to Russia.

The source: RT



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