Russian Defense: Syrian army stopped firing in Idlib

The Syrian Defense Ministry's Reconciliation Center, based at the Humimim airbase in rural Latakia, said that Syrian forces had stopped firing at midnight on Saturday (May 18th).

The Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria said on Sunday that "the militants stationed in the area of ​​reducing the escalation in the province of Idlib, shelled the positions of the Syrian army 13 times, since 18 May."

Adding that with the announcement of the Syrian regime forces to stop the unilateral fire since midnight on Saturday, May 18, "but the militants continue to bombard positions of the army using mortars and rocket launchers in the demilitarized zone, under the agreements of Astana in 2017, and the Sochi agreements of 2018 "it said.

The center said that these bombardments resulted in the injury of three Syrian soldiers were wounded.The international community expressed concern about the possibility of a humanitarian disaster in the province of Idlib as a result of continued escalation on the ground.

On Thursday and Friday, the joint Russian-Turkish working group on Syria held its first meeting in Ankara to discuss the situation in the region.



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