Russian fighter jets raid Idlib countryside

On Tuesday, Russian fighter jets conducted two aerial  raids on the outskirts of the village of Al-Maghara within Jabal Al-Zawiye, in the southern countryside of Idlib, while Syrian government forces shelled areas in Tal Wasit and  Al-Ziyara, in Al-Ghab Plain, in the north western countryside of Hama.     

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the SOHR, reported that Russian fighter jets launched aerial raids on areas in the countryside of Idlib, in coincidence with government forces' shelling of areas in Tal Wasit and Al-Ziyara, in Al-Ghab Plain, in northern and western countryside of Hama.

On October 14th, the SOHR had said war planes were hovering in the airspace of southern countryside  of Idlib, that coincided with conducting raids on the area.  

According to the SOHR, the raids in total targeted camps and headquarters held by Hay'at Tahri Al-Sham mercenaries and other mercenary groups, that led to killing of four of them, and wounding others. 

On Monday, Syrian government forces, stationed at Al-Ghab Plain, shelled areas in the town of Al-Ziyara and the village Tal Wasit and it's surrounding in the north western countryside of Hama, amid intense hovering by reconnaissance planes in the airspace of the so-called ''De-escalation Zone'' .

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