Russian Foreign Ministry: Turkish attack on NE, Syria enabled ISIS to return

The Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia, Oleg Seromolotov, said that ISIS mercenaries who fled the centers of detention can help restore the organization's combat capability.

"We do not have accurate data on the number of terrorists fleeing. However, according to current information, we are talking about several hundred ISIS mercenaries, who have escaped from centers of detention," Seromolotov said in an interview with the Russian Agency Sputnik.

"This is of great concern to Russia, especially with regard to the ability of ISIS militants to help restore the fighting capability of this terrorist organization," Seromolotov said.

Seromolotov continued, saying, all this is possible because of the tension in northern Syria, and the illegal foreign military presence in Syria.

"In order to neutralize this threat, as well as to prevent the restoration of ISIS 's terrorist potential, it is necessary first and foremost to prevent the resumption of hostilities in the region, as well as to help restore Syrian sovereignty and territorial integrity," he said. Signed on 22 October ".

As for Moscow's dialogue with Washington, the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister announced a dialogue with the US side on Syria.

"We maintain dialogue at various levels with the United States and other regional and international actors in order to achieve lasting stability in the situation in Syria and the ultimate elimination of terrorism," Seromolotov told Sputnik.

Seromolotov concluded: "Russian-American dialogue is required on this issue - despite the illegal presence of Americans on Syrian territory."

In a related context, according to a report issued by the US Department of Defense (Pentagon), that the Islamic State took advantage of the American withdrawal from northern and eastern Syria and the Turkish military offensive that followed there in order to reunify its ranks, likely that he can now prepare for new attacks against the West.

"ISIS has exploited the Turkish incursion and the subsequent reduction of US forces to restore its capabilities and resources inside Syria and enhance its ability to plan attacks abroad," the Pentagon's Office of the Inspector General said in its report.



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