Russian general confirms SDF commitment to agreements with Russia

Russian forces deployed in northern Syria refuted Turkish allegations that the SDF had not withdrawn from the border strip to the inside Syrian, stressing that SDF withdrew under a security agreement between the Russian Federation and SDF.

General Boris Stalingrad, commander of the Russian military police deployed in the Euphrates region, said in a statement to ANHA agency on Monday, coinciding with repeated Turkish allegations that the SDF is not committed to the agreement and staying on the border, creating a pretext for Turkey to resume the aggression on other areas in northern Syria.

Boris asserted that "as military units of the Russian Federation government deployed alongside the Syrian army forces on the Syrian-Turkish border and lines of contact with Turkish forces, to prevent bloodshed and clashes between the conflicting parties," according to an agreement signed previously between the Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria and the government of the Russian Federation.

Regarding repeated Turkish allegations, General Boris noted that the SDF has fully withdrawn from the border to a depth of 32 kilometers, as Russia is protecting the region against external attacks and the return of terrorism.

The SDF announced in late October the withdrawal of its forces in three batches of the border with Turkey from the northern of Al-Jazeera and Euphrates regions, but the threats and violations of the ceasefire agreement by the Turkish side did not stop.



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