Russian official calls on international community to put end to Erdogan ambitions

A senior Russian researcher pointed out that Erdogan is wearing the robe of fighting the terrorists to fulfill his ambition to take on the role of the new Ottoman Empire, which he seeks with manic determination by establishing a buffer zone targeting the Kurdish fighters who fought terrorism.


Stanislav Ivanov, a senior researcher at the Center for International Security at the Institute for World Economics and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences, wrote in an article in the newspaper Nizavisimaya Gazeta entitled "The Turkish President wears the robe of fighting the terrorist " about Erdogan's request to place other areas in Syria under Turkey's control.

"Erdogan aspires to the role of the Sultan of the new Ottoman Empire, with the manic determination to create a so-called buffer zone on the Syrian territory bordering Turkey."

He added, "The citizens of Syria, the men of the Kurdish forces who have defeated IS, do not pose a threat to Turkey's security. For the eight years of the Syrian civil war, the Syrian Kurds have not once violated the Syrian-Turkish border or launched any attacks on Turkish border guards or soldiers. "

On Erdogan's ambitions, he said " everything is just the opposite: During two military operations, the Turkish armed forces shelled the air and fired tanks and artillery at the border areas of Syria. Erdogan's tendencies in Syria are clearer, and it would be logical if the international community stops him."

"Thus, the political games of world leaders with Erdogan, which clearly ignore his ambitions in northern Syria, only exacerbate the conflict in this country, it seems that Ankara intends, under the pretext of fighting the Kurds, to systematically expand its presence in Syria."

"Erdogan's immediate plans are to redeploy Syrian refugee camps from Turkey in northern Syria, as well as to increase political and military pressure on Damascus from there, in order to bring representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Syria," the author said.



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