Russian patrol departs from Qamishlo towards Darbasiyah

A while ago, A Russian patrol, accompanied by the Internal Security Forces (ISF), set off from Qamishlo airport towards Ad-Darbasiyah. According to information obtained by our agency, it is scheduled to meet with elements of the Turkish occupation army at the border crossing in Ad-Darbasiyah.

A long meeting between Russian President Putin and Turkish President Erdogan was held in Sochi on October 22. They agreed on several points on Syria, most notably extending the ceasefire in northeast Syria to 150 hours. Despite Turkey's failure to abide by the first agreement concluded between Erdogan and US officials.

According to the meeting, joint Turkish-Russian patrols were scheduled to go out in some areas within northeastern Syria, but these patrols have not yet taken place, despite Russia's exit several times to the border crossings in northeastern Syria.

According to the meeting between Russia and Turkey yesterday in Ankara, it was agreed to conduct joint patrols on Friday.

Our correspondent from Qamishlo reported that a Russian patrol escorted by the ISF from Qamishlo airport and headed towards Ad-Darbasiyah district. According to the information obtained, the patrol will meet with elements of the Turkish occupation army at the crossing.




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