Russian reinforcements to Syria, new Russian-Turkish deal

New Russian reinforcements have arrived in Syria indicating the possibility of escalation in Idlib, but observers have pointed to the possibility of a new Russian-Turkish deal with the exchange of Idlib against Tal Rifat.

Al-Sharq Al-Awsat: huge Russian reinforcements to end the battle of Idlib

Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper addressed the situation in the region called the reduction of escalation, "In light of the escalation of violence in the area of" reducing escalation "in northwest Syria, Russia sent two large warships loaded with military equipment towards Tartous on the Syrian coast at the time of arrival at least 14 military cargo planes to the base of Humimim in Latakia, indicating a possible broad escalation to end the battle of Idlib.

President Vladimir Putin reinforced the possibility of escalation when he said in remarks yesterday that Russia has three priorities in Syria, one of which is the elimination of terrorists in Idlib, referring to the last enclave controlled by the opposition factions.

Al-Arab Newspaper: Tal Rifat in the bazaar bargaining between Russia and Turkey around Idlib

The newspaper noted the dirty deals between Russia and Turkey in Syria, said: "The situation of fog is dominated by the cease-fire agreement announced by the Russian side in north-west Syria, under the denial of Turkish, and continued shelling less sharply compared to the past days.

Political circles link this situation to the difficult negotiations behind the scenes between Ankara and Moscow, which insist on the need to end the presence of jihadi groups in Idlib and its environs, and officials have said that they cannot be allowed to remain indefinitely.

The circles say that Ankara is betting in its strategy in Syria on those groups represented mainly in Haiet Tahrir al-Sam led by the Fatah al-Sham and the movement of Ahrar Sham, and therefore the elimination will be a blow to the gains in this country, Russia in search of mitigating the impact of this loss through the barter with parts are in fact a task for them, such as Tal Rifat in Aleppo countryside controlled by the Kurdish units, and support in the project to establish a safe area east of the Euphrates.



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