Russian – Turkish 32nd  Joint Patrol in Ad-Darbassiye

Russian Military Police and the Turkish Occupation forces have conducted today their 32nd  joint patrol on the Syrian Turkish border, in the countryside of  Ad-Darbassiye.

A year on since the Sochi Understandings between the Russian and Turkish two presidents were agreed upon, since then, Russia and the Turkish Occupation proceed to conduct their joint patrols on the Syrian Turkish border.

Patrol number 32 was conducted today, in villages to the west of Ad-Darbassiye district, it started from the village of Şêrik to Qarmanê, Ghanamiye, Karbatli, Jadide and Khanika, after which it returned  to the starting point, in Şêrik.

The patrol was composed of four military armoured vehicles from each side, in addition to two Russian helicopters for watching.



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