​​​​​​​Russian-Turkish setback brings plane, ambassador issue to mind; Al-Hariri ends settlement in Lebanon

The Russian-Turkish escalation in Idlib brings to mind the dropping of the Russian plane and the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey, while Saad Hariri announced the end of the political settlement in Lebanon, while observers saw the recent Security Council resolution as an indirect recognition of Turkey's sending mercenaries to Libya.

On Saturday morning, the Arab newspapers touched upon, the escalation in Idlib and the Russian-Turkish differences, as well as Lebanon, and the Turkish intervention in Libya.

Al-Sharqa al-Awsat: Russian-Turkish setback reminiscent of plane shooting and ambassador's assassination

The Arab newspapers issued, this morning, on the Syrian issue on the situation in Idlib and the Russian-Turkish differences, and in this context the Middle East newspaper noted: "The indicators of the exposure of Russian-Turkish relations to the worst setback in years, are limited to the exchange of accusations to fuel the situation about Idlib, or the unwillingness shown by the Kremlin in dealing with Turkish calls for a presidential-level meeting to contain the escalating crisis, as death threats received by Russian Ambassador to Turkey Alexei Yerkhov returned the atmosphere of the worst stage that almost resulted in the situation sliding towards a military confrontation between the two sides in 2015."

Moscow announced strong measures to protect the Russian embassy in Ankara, after the Russian ambassador warned that the situation in Idlib "caused anti-Russian hysteria" on Turkish social networks.

Alexei Yerkhov said "The escalation in Syria is very painful and disturbing, Russian officers and then Turkish soldiers have died, and now we are witnessing this brutal clamor on social networks".

He added that he received direct death threats on social networks with phrases such as " Say goodbye" and "No one will grieve for you" and "It is time to burn".

He pointed out that «the bloody thirst of some bloggers and some publications, anger and hatred, sometimes leads to the inhibition of the ability to think logically for them», and the ambassador reminded that this atmosphere was spread five years ago "instead of Idlib was (battles) in Aleppo, and resulted in the crisis of the overthrow of the Russian Jet Then the Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov was killed."

The downing of the Russian plane in November 2015 after Turkey claimed to have penetrated Turkish airspace almost resulted in a direct confrontation, after Moscow cut off all forms of trade cooperation and started a strong media and political war, then the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was forced to calm down The situation to submit an apology formula after several months, which was agreed by Kazakh mediation.

The situation between the two countries was almost calm, until the assassination of the Russian Ambassador to Ankara occurred at the end of the following year, during his participation in a cultural event that was questioned by security measures, and Moscow accused the Turkish side of not putting in place adequate measures to protect the ambassador, It is noteworthy that in the two incidents, Ankara later resorted to blaming "parties that deliberately ruin relations with Moscow, notably the group of preacher Fethullah Gülen".

Al-Bayan: Hariri announces the end of the presidential settlement in Lebanon

al-Bayan newspaper mentioned: Former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced yesterday the end of the presidential settlement that brought President Michel Aoun to the presidency in 2016 and called for early parliamentary elections".

He said during his speech on the 15th anniversary of the assassination of his father former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri "I announced from Baabda that I am with early parliamentary elections, and we call on everyone to think calmly and without bidding," adding that "the popular movement became a partner in the political decision", describing the head of the Free Patriotic Movement Gibran Bassil described him as the "shadow chief", and accused him of obstruction.

He added that the settlement lived for three years, and today it became a past and a history," adding that "when I received the settlement for the election of the President for the Republic and I walked in the opposite of the general mood I saw since 2014 how the Syrian scene changed, and Lebanon began to sink with security problems and bombings in Lebanon, and some saw the settlement In order to distribute power, but we saw it as a way to prevent the transmission of sedition and the possible way to end the emptiness".

Al-Arab: Erdogan's mercenaries in Libya to the sea

Libya: Iraqi writer Faroq yousef who wrote an article which been published by al-Arab newspaper saying "Britain insisted that the Security Council resolution on Libya should include "withdraw all armed mercenary from Libya" and Russia, which abstained from voting on the resolution, did not object.

That expression has a lot of optimism that the resolution is serious, and Libya needs to be seen in a serious way, independent of the interests of the states benefiting from the continuation of the absurd conflict within it.

The Libyans themselves fed up, and the burden of Turkish intervention is a cause of exhaustion that falls outside the endurance, it is time for the cycle of violence to end and it is time for Libyans to pay attention to their interests away from ideological lies.

Because Erdogan is originally an ideological lie, the Sarraj government has sought to take the Libyan issue out of its real place and turn it into a conflict between Muslim Brotherhood militias and the Libyan army.

The Security Council resolution ends that farce, which is a tragedy at the same time.

It became clear to the international community that it was the terrorist organizations that governed Tripoli and hindered the progress of the Libyan army, in defense of its abnormal interests, and if we go back to Turkish intervention, it would have been an occasion to identify the origin of the problem. This is because Turkey had decided to assign the Government of Sarraj for reasons related to the continuity and survival of those terrorist organizations.

Erdogan has fended an army of vulnerable Syrians into a false ideological war, the global organization of the Muslim Brotherhood's war against the Arab world. This puts Qatar at the heart of the event, and it may have financed Erdogan's review project, which made him cross Mediterranean Waters.

Erdogan's mercenaries have finally found their way to the international resolution, this can be considered a happy event, this is the first time the world has acknowledged the truth, there are armies of mercenaries who only care about the war to continue, it is true that the resolution did not refer to Turkey but referred to its creation and this is the most important.



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