S 400 system ... What is behind the curtain?

Today, the dispute over the Russian S-400 missile system is escalating, dating back to the end of World War II and to the Cold War.

In the arms race followed by the Soviet Union with his opponents, he focused more on the air defense system than others.

The history of the S-400 missile system extends back to the 1950s, and has emerged considerably today. The S-400 missile system appeared in 1979 after the S-300. The system was developed by al-Maz Office of Central Design in Russia and the company "al-Maz-Anti", owned by the Russian government. With the advent of the S-300 missile system, Western powers realized the danger of the missile system, prompting them to develop warplanes called "Stealth."

The development of the S-400 began in the late 1990s and was officially announced by the Russian Air Force in January 1999. Initial tests were successfully conducted in Kapustin Yar in Astrakhan on 12 February 1999. The system was then scheduled to be deployed in 2001 for service in the Russian Army and in February 2004 announced the completion of the project.

The S-400 missile system was deployed in 2015 at the Russian military base in the Syrian port city of Tartus, and in March 2014 it was deployed in Crimea. Russia also plans to deploy the system in the Far East, northern Japan and the Kuril Islands. It also leaked information about the deployment of the Panter missile system in the city of Qamishlo on November 14 instead of the S-400.

According to Russia's military strategy, the S-400 missile system cannot be sold until a more sophisticated model is developed. So far, many countries have expressed interest in buying the S-400, but only Russia, Belarus, the People's Republic of China, Turkey and India have so far.

Since the issue of the S400 missile system caused much controversy between Turkey and the United States, Erdogan's administration's relations were exposed during the January 17-25 scandals. At that point Erdogan's authority was greatly shaken, and disputes over interests and influence between the blocs in the AKP escalated.

During this period, the Erdogan administration went to the units of the Turkish "Deep State". The plan included a move to Russia, which protects Eurasia.

In 2015, after Turkey shot down the Russian warplane in Syria, relations between Russia and Turkey were severely strained, forcing Erdogan to apologize to Putin.

In July 2017, Turkish officials announced the start of Turkish efforts and official meetings to buy the Russian missile system S-400. The S-400 crisis between the United States and Turkey begins.

So far, none of the NATO member states has the Russian S-400 missile system, and after Turkey completes all installation procedures, it will be the first NATO country to have the S-400 missile system.

The United States, as well as NATO member states, oppose this Turkish-Russian agreement in two ways, the first of which is military: the system is incompatible with NATO's weapons system, which could cause a number of problems in the future.

Experts say NATO has an air defense system that is programmed and interconnected, leading to significant technical problems if the S-400 is operational.

The use of the S-400 would allow Russia to obtain many military and technical information related to the NATO system, as well as NATO access to the information of the Russian system.

Politically, the operation of the Russian S-400 system would strain relations between Turkey and NATO countries and reconsider this relationship.

Turkey's acquisition of the Russian S-400 system is the most important factor and the reasons for the strained relations between Turkey and America at the present time.

On July 19 this year, Saudi Arabia handed over the S-400 missile system to Turkey. After that, the United States suspended the sale of F-35s to Turkey. However, America made a number of concessions to Turkey in order to maintain its presence in NATO, including concessions to allow Turkey to occupy NE, Syria.

The S-400 issue was the focus of Erdogan's and Trump's November 13 meeting in Washington.

Last month, F-16s flew over the area where the S-400 missile system was deployed.

The US Secretary of State said that the basket of US sanctions will remain on the table until Turkey finally get rid of the system S-400.

In the meantime, Turkey reportedly bought the S-400 to protect Erdogan's palace in Ankara and not to protect Turkey's borders.

In the Middle East, where Turkey is launching World War III, Turkey has reached the end of the march to benefit from the balance between America and Russia, mainly because of the S-400 system.

S-400 system crisis is expected to escalate in the future....



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