Sabrî Ok: They will not undermine our people's will via their attacks

The Member of the Leadership Committee in the Kurdistan Communities Union Sabrî Ok said that the attacks of the Turkish occupation on the Kurdish people will not succeed. "The Kurdish Democratic Movement and Democratic Powers in Turkey must be confident."

STêrk TV held in Rojeva Welat, a meeting with the leadership of the KDP, Sabrî Ok on the occupational attacks on Gara and the victory of resistance to Guerilla forces.

Sabrî Ok said that the goal of the Turkish army of his attack on Gara is to occupy the region for a long time and was prepared on this basis, but when he collided with the Guerilla resistance, it was shocked, he said, the results of Gara's resistance are very important, it is being discussed, where the military operation against Gara is considered defeat overwhelming against Turkish State, due to the military technology they were boasting and putting hopes, which were exceeded by a small group of Guerilla forces and thus failed its efforts and schemes; Without a great victory for our movement and our forces, will occupy this victory in Gara's special status in the history of our struggle.

The 'Kurdish Democratic Movement had never retreated'

During his speech, Sabri Ok focused on pressure and systematic pressure against Kurdish democratic policy, especially narrowing and practice presses on the Democratic People's Party and said: "The Kurdish democratic movement has always been targeted through attacks, where many leaders and politicians have been targeted from the beginning and assassinated, Dozens of thousands of them were arrested, and forced thousands to get out of the homeland, but the Kurdish democratic movement did not retreat from its inheritance, it has proven itself from this area, this is very important, the struggle has continued despite all the attacks.

Before the fascist government comes with the Alliance and Development Party and the National Movement, there were opportunities for democratic policy, even if they were few, but today, the only thing set by the Justice and Development Party and the National Movement's Party on its agenda, is to eliminate Kurdish policy and to date In achieving its hostile objective, with thousands of prisons and arrested subscribers, leaders, municipal heads and members of the Democratic People's Peoples, and there is no municipality, where agents were appointed.

If any other party suffered the pressure and repression of the Democratic People's Party, it would have ended, but the Democratic People's Party, a culture and an inheritance, this struggle culture has shown itself, and from the one hand, and from the other hand play an important role within the Turkish opposition. "

'The Occupation State will not achieve anything no matter what it tried'

Sabri Ok said, "Whatever they tried, the they will not undermine the Democratic People's Party, not only through suits and agents, but by all the methods," Sabri Ok said. "Now they think, any style they must follow, but the mounting is narrowing them days after a day, they can close the Democratic People's Party, they are planning, they want to make a comprehensive psychological war against women, young people and all segments of society, calm and ended, either by detention or through different fascist attacks, they want to neutralize the Democratic People's Party and In front of his struggle, but they will not be able to achieve results, whatever they were arrested and what they were imprisoned and what they appointed from agents and seized municipalities.

'The democratic forces should be self-confident'

okay, why...? Because a culture was built, they cannot eliminate the Democratic struggle for the Kurdish people and struggle for democratic forces and struggle of women and young people. No matter how fought Kurdish politics and Kurdish struggle, they will collide with a strong radical resistance and struggle, mean that they cannot undermine the will of the people via the attack and get results, without doubt these attacks do not mean they are strong, and if they thought of the closure of the Democratic People's Party at a time when they face all these crises, this economic distress and international pressure, they put their eyes a great crisis, without a doubt that they will by closing the Democratic People's Party.

We conclude: It is on the Kurdish democratic and democratic movement in Turkey to be confident and to learn that the end of the Government of the League of Justice and Development Party and the National Movement is imminent, and these attacks are not because they are strong, but because they do not have an option Another, therefore attacks brutally, if the democratic powers on their struggle, there will be no chances for continuity of the government of justice and development and the National Movement.

Without a doubt, the role of democratic forces and parties in Turkey against the Fascism of the Government of Justice and Development and National Movement here are very important. The Republican People's Party, which has become a sync attack on the Kurdish movement for years, walks towards the abyss, and this policy cannot be opposed, of course, The Republican Party of its remarks on attacks on the Democratic People's Party will not support the Government of the Justice and Development Party and the National Movement Party, and there are some statements in this regard, and this is the truth. "

As Sabri Ok evaluated, during his speech, is the time of freedom time.

'Campaign is the time of freedom "will definitely win'

"We are confident that the" time of freedom time "will certainly be sustained, there must be struggling, resistance and sacrifices, and we are ready for the Kurdish people and the PKK," saying attention to the campaign. Without doubt this historical stage will reap its results, intellectuals, writers, women and young people may adopt and support them strongly from South Africa and even Europe, even the Italian and English trade unions, which have millions of members, in many places, they have made their positive and important attitude, this is the first time Which calls for 74 academics in southern Kurdistan freedom of Ocalan leader.

'All signatures are collected to one'

The campaign must continue to achieve results, and must be more organized, for example, signatures are collected everywhere, and some are sent to the European Union and some to the United Nations, and there must be one goal, so that signatures are sent to it, we see it signing campaign began in Rojava and South Kurdistan, and each of them sent to a different place, and should not be sent to one place. If the signatures are collected, there are millions of people who sign freedom of the Leader Ocalan. They were collected to one place to grow up.

'The campaign must continue strongly and more organized'

The fact and philosophy and model of leader Ocalan is not only for the Kurdish people and the peoples of the Middle East, but for all humanity, all societies see its future during this philosophy, we must publish the philosophy and model the leader Ocalan more widely, intellectuals, writers and academics from all over the world reading the Ocalan model, It is clear how to explain, so we must focus on the importance of this campaign to freedom Ocalan, of course, in the coming period will achieve more important results, and the Kurds will lead this campaign, especially in the four parts of Kurdistan and outside, we have entered March, a hot month for struggle, the campaign must continue strongly and more organized. "



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