Sadikon Bloc: Turkish operations in Kurdistan Region is occupation, egregious violation

The Head of the Sadikon Parliamentary Bloc Adnan Vihan said that the military attacks by the Turkish army for about a week in the Kurdistan Region were considered an occupation and egregious violation, demanding the Parliament to clarify its position about Turkish operations.

"The Parliament is waiting for a clear answer from the government, on the question of the military operations launched by Turkey against the PKK, and whether it is in agreement and coordination with Baghdad," he said in a statement to the Alyaum channel.

He added, "The government does not have the right to give the right to any foreign force to enter Iraq or fight a particular group only with the approval of the House of Representatives, noting that the Parliament is waiting for a clear answer from the government."

It is worth mentioning that Human rights organizations, including Human Rights Watch said in 2018 that the Turkish operations in Iraq had resulted in the deaths of many civilians by bombing areas without military objectives.



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