​​​​​​​Saleh Keddo: Turkey seeks to exterminate Kurds by international, regional collusion

Saleh Keddo made clear that Turkey’s goal is clear which is the extermination of the Kurdish people, criticizing the international and regional collusion, calling on the Kurdistan forces to join ranks, stand against the Turkish attacks and put an end to them.  

The attacks of the Turkish occupation state on all parts of Kurdistan have increased, and it strives to create discord among the Kurds, stifle the Kurdish people, and prevent their access to their legitimate rights, amid international and regional silence.

The Secretary of the Kurdish Democratic Left Party in Syria, Saleh Keddo, emphasized that Turkey poses a threat to the people of the Middle East in general, and the Kurdish people in particular.

Saleh Keddo explained that the Turkish attacks against the Kurdish people in all parts of Kurdistan are not new, as it has been targeting the Kurds since hundreds of years, and aims to end the Kurdish presence by creating false pretenses.

Keddo also criticized the international silence towards the Turkish massacres and violations against the peoples of the region, saying: "We regret the position of the United Nations and the world states such as Russia and America regarding the attacks of the Turkish occupation state. Russia allowed Turkey to occupy Afrin, and America allowed the occupation of Girê Spî and Serêkaniyê, so all events indicate that they allow the Turkish state to colonize Syria, and this became clear to the people of northern and eastern Syria and all the Kurds in parts of Kurdistan."

Turkey’s goal is clear

Keddo mentioned the policies pursued by the Turkish occupation state, stressing that it poses a great danger to all peoples in the Middle East and in the north and east of Syria. He said: "Considering the events of the current stage, we notice that many peoples in the Middle East have become the victim of the Turkish occupation's policies, starting from Syria and Iraq and reaching Libya, Yemen and Somalia."

Keddo explained that the scheme of the Turkish occupation state is clear, which is the restoration of the Ottoman Empire by bloodshed, killing and displacement, and the occupied areas in Syria is a good example of this."

Saleh Keddo called on all political forces to unify their speech and stance towards the Turkish arbitrary attacks that affect all parts of Kurdistan, and to deliver their message with one voice to the world countries.



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