Sara denounces killing of Hoda Al-Ali, her child in Kobani

Sara Organization to Combat Violence Against Women in the Euphrates region condemned the murder of Hoda and her child, and called for accountability for the perpetrators, in a statement.

Hussein Afdo Amo, from the village of Derbazin Fawqani, west of Kobani canton, 30 km away, killed his wife and son at 3 am on Saturday, February 22

Sara Organization to Combat Violence Against Women in the Euphrates region, condemned the killing and called for the perpetrators to be held accountable.

The statement was read by an administrator of Sara Organization for Combating Violence Against Women in the Euphrates region, Newroz Abdi, with the participation of dozens of members of civil institutions and self-management in Kobani.

The text of the statement:

Women are killed under whatever pretext, and despite all attempts to advance women and in all spheres of life, the blood stained, unjust, and male hands still reject the woman's progress.

We condemn the crime that took place against Mrs. Hoda Al-Ali and her child, and in a brutal manner at the hands of her husband Hussein Afdo Abbas.

The targeting of women is a targeting of light, a call for the return of darkness and blackness, targeting security and stability, in order to create discord and chaos, targeting the hope of living freely and democratically, and returning to backwardness and the mentality of authoritarianism.

In the statement, Newroz appealed to women activists and seekers of truth and freedom around the world, and the international community to stand against the perpetrators of brutal crimes against women, hold the killers and criminals accountable and achieve justice.

At the conclusion of the statement, Newroz called on all women of the world to raise their voices loudly, and not to submit to methods of threats and intimidation in order to silence the voice of women.

The statement ended by chanting the slogan "No to killing women."



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