Sarah Org campaign against violence against women fruited positively

Sara Organization to Fight Violence Against Women has been able to fight against violence against women and through many of campaigns, it managed to reach a large number of women who have experienced violence, and worked hard to help women as much as possible.

Sara Organization has previously launched numerous campaigns to reach women who still suffer from physical and verbal violence, and perhaps the most prominent campaign, is "Woman Is Life, Do not Kill Life," which lasted for several months.

To learn about the results of the organization's campaigns in the Euphrates region, Sara administration in the region of the Euphrates, Sherin Muslim, said that they have sought and continue to strive to help women in all ways and means to get rid of violence against them.

"We held meetings for people in all the cities and regions of the Euphrates region, and we knew the objectives of the organization, in addition to organizing lectures aimed at reducing male mindset and eradicating it from society," Sherin said.

"To help these women we have opened many courses that have been going on for months in a row to address them and eliminate the effects that violence had on them." she said.

Sherin said that in the second phase of the campaign, they organize events to eliminate the phenomenon of violence against women, and stressed at the end of her speech that they will work hard to reduce violence in all ways and means.



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