Scene of the sale of Yezidis is repeated … Afrin women sold in Azaz markets

The citizen (A.L) who was forced to leave the occupied Afrin canton with his family after the violations by the mercenaries said that the women are being sold in Azaz City Square

Just as ISIS mercenaries were selling Yazidi Şengal women in Mosul and al-Raqqa in slavery markets during the summer of 2014, the same scene is repeated today in the Syrian city of Azaz, which is occupied by Turkey with ISIS mercenaries.

The citizen (A.L) "Fleeing the abuses of mercenaries and the Turkish occupation army in Afrin," I saw how the abducted women were sold in a square in Azaz. "

"The women who were being sold were from Afrin's city," he said.

 (A.L), 28, year-old form the Arab component of the village of Joka accompanied by his family of four people from the city after 6 months of occupation because of the numerous violations and harassment of the Turkish occupation army and mercenaries against the people.

On the details of what is happening in the canton and its villages and the methods followed by the occupation (A,L) said that when the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries entered the village of Joka, they surrounded the villagers and gathered them in the mosque for three days and seized the mobile devices under the pretext of inspection, and block the roads leading to the village.

The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation gang al-Hamzat arrested (A,L) on false pretexts, and after two weeks of torture they released him.

He confirmed that most of the torture and detention centers are existed in the city of Azaz and inside Turkish territory.

Kidnappings affect the components of the city and the demographic change is continuing.

"Torture affected all age groups and the city's components without distinction. In one prison, I saw an elderly 60-year-old subjected to the most severe torture," he said.

"As part of a series of abuses, Turkish schools are being imposed on schools, with village names changed from Kurdish to Turkish, and personal IDs changed from Syrian to Turkish," he said.

He said that looting, robbery and theft of property and shops did not stop, as mercenaries were selling stolen goods in the city of Azaz.

Our escape was like death

He has hardly left Afrin city, where his fleeing lasted for week, he described it as the "death week" that he kills every second for fear of being arrested and his family.

where he At the end of his speech, the citizen (A,L) expressed his joy at his arrival in al-Shahba district, wishing to liberate Afrin soon.


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