SDC decries Erdogan’s threats that pose real danger on the region

The Syrian Democratic Council condemned Turkish President Erdogan's threats to launch attacks on NE, Syria, stressing that they pose a real danger to the future of the region and to regional and international peace and security, calling on the international community to intervene quickly and express strong and courageous positions to save the Syrians' remaining hopes for a solution.

On Thursday, the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) issued a statement to the public opinion to denounce Turkish President Erdogan's threats to launch attacks on north and east Syria, saying:

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan once again threatened to launch a military operation in northern Syria, declaring that its goal was to establish a "Safe Zone", citing as usual the protection of Turkish national security and the return of Syrian refugees, as he had announced at the beginning of this May his intention to return a million refugees from Turkey to northern Syria.

The statement continued, "We affirm that the Turkish threat targets Syrian sovereignty and exposes the Syrian territories to further occupation and threatens the Syrian social fabric. We believe that the efforts to resettle Syrians in areas not theirs after the displacement of the indigenous residents of the north aims to bring about demographic change against the sons of Kurdish nationalism, and this contradicts what was stipulated." It is based on UN Resolution 2,254 regarding the return of refugees and constitutes a crime against humanity, especially since the 30 km distance that the Turkish President is talking about is a multi-component area of ​​Kurds, Syriacs, Yazidis, Armenians and Arabs, and it includes the area that contains ISIS prisons and their families.

The Council also affirmed in its statement that "Turkey, relying on the Syrian factions loyal to it, has not achieved any safe models in the areas it occupied, such as Idlib, Afrin, Tal Abyad, al-Bab and Ras al-Ain. It became clear that the Justice and Development Party aims to establish a jihadist state that embraces the extremists and their leaders, such as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Abdullah Qardash, who were killed near the Turkish military points. Thus, the northern strip of Syria will become an safe haven that attracts all dreamers of the return of the Islamic caliphate, especially if we take into account that The region of north and east Syria is still suffering from the danger of the return of the terrorist organization ISIS, and the cells of the organization are still active in this region, and only a few months have passed since the organization tried last January to storm the al-Sina’a Prison in Geweran in Hasaka with the aim of liberating the organization’s detainees who are being held by the Syrian Democratic Forces. The objective of the operation was It is the liberation of the ISIS families in the al-Hol camp, which includes approximately 60,000 people, and the control of a geographical area to attract its supporters again.”

The statement added, "The Turkish threats pose a real danger to the future of the region and to regional and international peace and security, and they seek to foil all efforts and sacrifices made in order to fight terrorism. The name of the opposition, which will strengthen their positions in the future of the planned settlements in Syria.

The statement stressed, "We in the Syrian Democratic Council reject and condemn any possible military action, and we affirm that the Turkish Justice and Development Party is working to undermine the truce course in Syria and obstruct international efforts to support stability. We also believe that the countries participating in the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS bear a primary responsibility and have the ability to prevent The Turkish intervention will cause humanitarian disasters in the region, which suffers from political, security and economic difficulties and challenges. The Turkish intervention will also expose national and religious minorities to the dangers of displacement and ethnic cleansing, especially the Yazidis, Christians and Kurds.

The statement called on the international community and the United Nations to deal seriously with the Turkish threats, to intervene quickly and to show strong and courageous positions to save the remaining hopes of the Syrians in reaching a political solution. The National Dialogue as a basic entry point for addressing the various aspects of the crisis in Syria.



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