SDC holds Syrian government responsible for situation in the country

The Syrian Democratic Council held the "Centralized Government in Damascus" responsible for the economic conditions and the deterioration of the currency due to the military option, and the refusal of negotiations and dialogue initiatives.

This came during the work of the first periodic meeting of the Presidency Council of the Syrian Democratic Council, after the appearance of the Corona pandemic, which was yesterday, Sunday.

The majority of the members of the Presidential Council participated in the meeting, in the presence of the council’s co-chair "Amina Omar", who spoke about the developments taking place in the region, especially Syria, and its crisis that entered its tenth year without any signs of a sustainable and comprehensive solution.

The council members discussed the efforts the Syrian Democratic Council made to gather democratic opposition forces and build national consensus to work within one umbrella that represents the will of the Syrians, away from the dictations and submissiveness to regional countries and the implementation of their agendas.

The meeting held the Syrian government responsible for the economic conditions and the deterioration of the currency due to the military option, and the rejection of negotiation and dialogue initiatives, thus sparing the Syrians the scourge of war, poverty and siege.

The council also praised the measures and efforts made by the Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria to face the deterioration of the Syrian currency through a basket of measures to alleviate the economic deterioration taking place in the country.

The meeting called on the international community and the main countries active in the Syrian file to put pressure on the Turkish state and deter it from the practices it is adopting in the north and east of Syria, from cutting water and threatening the lives of millions of Syrians, as well as its expansionary and criminal policies.

The Presidential Council of "SDC” appreciated the Kurdish parties’ signing on the understanding paper between them, stressing the necessity of continuing efforts to reach an agreement between all parties to reach a comprehensive dialogue between the various Syrian components to enhance the state of social harmony and reject division and discrimination.

The Syrian Democratic Council concluded its meeting by emphasizing the necessity of supporting the efforts and path represented by the Syrian Democratic Council, considering it "the national path that has the tools of solution away from dictations and interventions that do not serve the cause of the Syrians and end their suffering and achieve their demands to reach a democratic and decentralized Syria."


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