SDC member expects escalation in Idlib

Badran Hammou, a member of the Relations Office of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), did not rule out the resumption of military escalation in Idlib between regime forces and mercenaries because of the importance of the north-western province to both sides.

Despite the frequent political bargaining, which is supposed to calm the situation in the province of Idlib between Russia, Turkey and Iran, the military escalation remains the master of the situation in the province where mercenaries from all over Syria as well as foreign mercenaries are there.

As regime forces and Russia seek to control the province, Turkey, which backs mercenary groups, sees it as an important point to maintain long-term influence in Syria and to free its hand in any sustainable political process in a country that has been ravaged by civil war since the spring of 2011.

Hammo said that Idlib represents a "sphere of influence with a critical ideological and terrorist gathering of mercenaries. On the one hand, the regime is a link between the most important Syrian governorates and the capital, in addition to the strategic importance in strengthening the political position of the regime in the event of control of that city."

Hammou stressed that the Syrian regime is trying to impose a military solution "despite the holding of several meetings in Astana between the guarantors of the ceasefire in the city."

Idlib is a vital trade point for the regime. "To compensate for the economic losses through the transit trade that has been stalled since the crisis started, Idlib is the nucleus of these economic returns provided by international roads," he said.

Regarding the threats of the Syrian regime to the Turkish points and describing them as gathering points for terrorists, Badran commented, "The truth cannot be hidden. Turkish points are to protect the mercenaries that serve Turkey's agendas."

From Hammou's point of view, the threats made by the regime "will take another turn in the coming days in terms of realizing those threats and removing the Turkish points."

Hammou pointed out that the main victim of any possible military operation in the region is the Syrian people, which is strongly rejected by the Syria Democratic Council in accordance with the principles on which it is formed.

As for the options available to the Turkish occupation army in the event of a military operation by the regime and its allies, Badran said, "We all know that all the mercenaries of Syria have gathered in Idlib, and if the regime controls the area, Turkey will move its mercenaries to other areas to serve its agendas."

The member of the Relations Office in the Syrian Democratic Council ruled out that mercenaries dare to attack the city of Aleppo due to several factors, the most important of which is loss of the ability to unite mercenaries, and the weakness of the Turkish position, which legitimizes the attacks of mercenaries.



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