SDC presents 17-item worksheet about future of Syria amid attendees’ approval

The participants in the "National Conference for the People of al-Jazeera and the Euphrates" approved a working paper, which included 17 items and a list of proposals that were previously raised during symposiums and mass meetings that the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) has held in various regions of north and east Syria.

The conference that the Syrian Democratic Council holds in the city of Hasakah, which is considered comprehensive of the 13 conferences held in all cities of north and east Syria, under the slogan "Guaranteeing citizenship and the rights of all components lie in a unified Syria, enhancing participation in the institutions of the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria, developing and empowering Autonomous and Civil Administrations.”

During the conference, the attendees discussed "The worksheet of People of al-Jazeera and Euphrates Conference", which includes many decisions and proposals for the advancement of the service region and the Autonomous Administration. After lengthy discussions on drafting the items and making suggestions, the conferees approved this working paper.

The text of the paper is as follows:

After the establishment of the Autonomous Administration in northern and eastern Syria and the victories the Syrian Democratic Forces achieved in their war against terrorism and as a result of objective self-imperatives in northern and eastern Syria and as a continuation of the Syrian-Syrian dialogue project, the Syrian Democratic Council held thirteen dialogue seminars and a series of public meetings and an embodiment of direct democracy in various cities and the towns of northern and eastern Syria, with the aim of ensuring equal citizenship and the rights of all components in a unified Syria, promoting participation in the institutions of the Autonomous Administration, and developing and empowering autonomous and civil administrations. Representatives of various components and activities put forward many opinions and proposals, accordingly, today we hold a national conference for the people of al-Jazeera and the Euphrates; we affirm that the national dialogue is the only way to reach a political solution in Syria away from foreign agendas, and based on the foundations and principles of democracy, pluralism and decentralization in order to achieve the political transition in Syria in accordance with UN Resolution 2254 in a manner that guarantees the unity of the Syrian lands, ending tyranny, terrorism and occupations, ensuring freedoms and rights, and implementing law and achieving social justice, equality, and safe and voluntary return of the displaced and refugees to their homes, to end all forms of engineering demographic change, remove their effects, release political detainees, and reveal the fate of the kidnapped and forcibly disappeared.

The seminars included the following:

1-  Emphasizing the unity and sovereignty of the Syrian territories.

2- Solving the Syrian crisis, according to UN Resolution 2254; asserting the need to include the Syrian Democratic Council in the political process.

3- Continuing the dialogue with all the Syrian parties who believe in the national political campaign, without exception.

4- Preparing for local elections in the Autonomous Administration regions of northern and eastern Syria within a year.

5- Restructuring some institutions, the administrative system of northern and eastern Syria, in order to reduce the bureaucratic situation in them.

6- Reassessing the work and performance of the administration’s personnel qualifications and training them, and working on developing, empowering and expanding the administration and providing it with technocrats.

7- Preserving community peace and security, consolidating the concepts of citizenship and accepting the other, combating intolerance and extremism in all its forms, and strengthening cohesion between the components to ward off strife targeting the national societal fabric.

8- Supporting the Syrian Democratic Forces in their war against terrorism and extremism, with the support of the international coalition, in a way that preserves security and stability.

9- Reforming the judiciary to ensure its independence and integrity.

10- Obliging the security services to the law and the judicial order and developing their work and performance in line with human rights principles.

11- Combating corruption and empowering the central control and inspection agency in the Autonomous Administration institutions.

12- Establishing strategic plans for economic development, facilitating investments and giving priority to national investments.

13- Ensuring self-management of commodities and raw materials, preventing monopoly, monitoring markets, and setting prices in proportion to the citizen's income.

14- Fighting smuggling, controlling borders and crossings, and reviewing tax and customs fees.

15- Empowering the agricultural sector, supporting farmers, providing agricultural supplies and stopping indiscriminate exports, especially livestock and agricultural crops.

16- Developing, improving and unifying the educational system by providing practical curricula, raising the level of educational staff and qualifying them, and creating a mechanism for the recognition of certificates.

17- Demanding the international community for reconstruction in order for the displaced and refugees to return to their homes, chiefly al-Raqqa.

It is decided that a follow-up committee will be elected to follow up on the decisions that will emerge from the conference, and the committee will include representatives from all cities of north and east Syria.



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