SDF: 157 IS' foreigners arrested in qualitative operation

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have arrested 157 IS' foreign mercenaries, during a qualitative operation carried out by SDF's special forces in al-Baguz, the last stronghold of IS.


In this context, the General Command of the al-Jazeera Tempest campaign issued a statement to the public opinion published by the official website of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

The statement said, "During the ongoing clashes between our forces and IS' organization in al-Baguz, our special forces that participated in the battles and were carrying out their missions to track and monitor the movements of the terrorists in anticipation of possible fleeing attempts by the terrorists."

The statement confirmed that in a qualitative operation, our units have identified a group of terrorists, trapping and arresting 157 terrorists with their full military equipment."

SDF were able to evacuate thousands of civilians from al-Baguz, and hundreds of IS' elements and their families surrendered and were transferred to al-Hol camp, where IS' mercenaries are being separated from the civilians.



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