SDF: 18 mercenaries killed in attack on Ain Issa

The Syrian Democratic Forces announced 18 mercenaries were killed and the mercenaries' attack on Ain Issa district and its countryside yesterday was thwarted.

The Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces issued a written statement regarding the attack of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries last night against the center of Ain Issa district and its countryside.

The text of the statement read:

On the 24th of November, at exactly 00:30, about the Turkish occupation mercenaries' attempt to infiltrate the village of Al-Malikiyah, which is affiliated to Ain Issa district from several axes, and in conjunction with that, Ain Issa city and its surroundings and the vicinity of the M4 international road were shelled; adhering to their legitimate right to defense, our fighters responded where clashes broke out in which heavy and medium weapons were used. Consequently, the attack was thwarted and the mercenary groups which tried to enter the village of Al-Malikiyah were eliminated.

According to the information we obtained, the attack resulted in the killing of 18 mercenaries, including the mercenary called Ismail Al-Eido, who was leading the attack, and a former emir in ISIS mercenaries, in addition to wounding many mercenaries. The attack coincided with a continuous flight of reconnaissance drones of the Turkish occupation in the sky of the region.

The attacks, as well as the shelling, targeted many civilian sites and caused physical damage to civilians’ property, in addition to damaging the city's electricity network.

During the attacks and clashes four of our fighters were wounded, while the clashes continue until this moment with heavy and medium weapons.



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