SDF: 5 women, 2 children Yazidi liberated in al-Baguz

The Syrian Democratic Forces' Fighters have liberated 5 women and 2 Yazidi children from IS clutches in al-Baguz village which now is witnessing violent clashes between SDF and IS who are holed up in small pocket.


On Tuesday, the Syrian Democratic Forces were able to liberate 5 women and two Yazidi children from IS, and they were transferred to safe areas which is under control of SDF, led by Aryan Judy.

And the names of the Yezidis liberated "Bakiza Mahal Hassu, 30 years, Khuli Ismail Khoudi da ,19 years, Amina Khalo Ezer ,44 years, and Shamil Ismail Khoudi ,15 years, Sulayman Sulaiman ,17 years, and Khnaf Khader Adel ,32, all from the village of Kujo in Şengal , and Idan Hadid Tali ,12 years from the village of Khardan in Şengal."



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