SDF achieved their promise to the martyrs, we will liberate Afrin

Ed-Dirbasiya people have expressed their happiness for the near defeat of IS mercenaries, and SDF fighters' achieving victories in north and east of Syria, and said "Our forces have achieved their promise to the martyrs and we will liberate Afrin from the Turkish occupation."


In the last stage of al-Jazeera Tempest campaign, the battle to defeat terrorism, SDF forces were able to defeat IS mercenaries to diminish their area a few meters in al-Baguz village in the east of Hajin village in Deir ez-Zor.

Ed-Dirbasiya people's district who are waiting for the last victory over IS mercenaries told ANHA during interview with them that by virtue of SDF, we live in security and tranquility within our regions.

Sulmein Hesso, a citizen from the district said, "I congratulate this victory to all the fighters who sacrifice their souls to protect our land."

Hesso pointed out that the victories cannot be achieved without the sacrifices of the martyrs in order to liberate the land and civilians for SDF to prove that it is the only force that was able to stand against the global terrorism.

"Our forces are carrying out their promise to the martyrs to avenge and eliminate terrorism," Khalil Qado said.

"Erdogan must know that those mercenaries he supported have been defeated, and his plans have failed in our regions," he said.

"My children and I are ready to go with our forces to Afrin to fight the occupation and get it out of our land," he said.



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