SDF: All mercenary attacks foiled on Serêkaniyê city

The SDF said it managed to thwart all attacks on the city of Serêkaniyê

and killed 27 mercenaries during the SDF's resistance against the occupation attempts. 

A written statement by the Syrian Democratic Forces said:

"The clashes have been going on for two nights without stopping. SDF fighters and valiant resistance have foiled all enemy attacks.  The enemy attempted to penetrate the city from the north-east and this attack also failed. Many of the wounded and dead fell in the ranks of the enemy. At the same time, the air and artillery bombardment did not stop, this is the toll yesterday yesterday: the result was the destruction of two armored vehicles and the bulldozer of the Turks and two machineries were damaged and killed 27 mercenaries through sniper operations and during the clashes.




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