SDF arrested a cell responsible for bombings, assassinations

SDF have launched a special operation to arrest a cell of mercenaries in Deir ez-Zor responsible for planning and carrying out bombings and assassinations.

A military source of the Syrian Democratic Forces told the Hawar news agency that on April 25, following the follow-up and the gathering of accurate intelligence, their forces carried out a qualitative operation targeting one of the dens of mercenaries in al-Jaradi district in Deir Ez-Zor. During the operation, the forces managed to arrest a cell of Daesh of 6 mercenaries specialized in planning and carrying out bombings and assassinations in the region.

The source confirmed that the operation was accurate and successful and did not occur during the raid any losses or injuries among SDF or civilians, adding that during the raid they confiscated quantities of explosives and weapons held by the cell.



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