SDF assured continuation of Turkish occupation violations on NE Syria

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) confirmed the continuation of the Turkish occupation army’s violations on the lands of north and east Syria.

The Media Center of the SDF issued a statement about the outcome of the combat operations of the 44th day of the Resistance of Dignity.

The statement included:

 “The Turkish occupation army still continues its occupying violations on all fronts and civilian areas.

Abo Racine

The Turkish army and its terrorist factions continue their attacks using Grad missiles, drones and all kinds of heavy weapons on the villages of Tel Mohammed, Onuq al-Hawa, Tel al-Wared and Abdul Hay. 

The Turkish-backed factions continue their violations against the civilians.

Tel Tamr

The terrorist factions backed by the Turkish army attacked the populated areas in al-Dawoodiya village with artillery and tanks haphazardly. The random bombardment inflicted financial damage to the civilians’ possessions.

In the result of the attacks launched by the Turkish army and the terrorist factions on the areas of Abo Racine countryside, 6 elements of the Syrian army lost their life and another number got wounded.”


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