SDF captures ISIS Amir involved in horrific crimes against civilians

The Syrian Democratic Forces arrested a former "Amir" in the ranks of ISIS mercenaries, who was involved in killings and executions, in a delicate security operation carried out in Al-Aziziya neighborhood in Al-Hasakah city.

According to the Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces, "its special units carried out an operation in the city of al-Hasakah, during which they arrested a local leader in the terrorist organization ISIS, as part of a series of operations targeting active and sleeper cells in different areas of north and east Syria."

The center said, "The operation took place in the Aziziyah neighborhood in the city of Hasaka, and targeted a leader who was active in transporting explosive devices and booby-trapped bicycles to Hasaka and other areas in north and east Syria, in addition to transporting ISIS elements, and smuggling the families of foreign leaders from the al-Hol camp, as he previously held the position of “Amir” in ISIS, and was involved in executions and murders against civilians.

It added, "The movements of the terrorist leader were tracked and sufficient information was collected about him, in addition to establishing his whereabouts. His house in the city was raided, and a call for safe exit was made. He surrendered and his house was searched, and weapons, technical and military equipment, and documents in his possession were found."

The center confirmed, "The operation was carried out with the support of the international coalition forces, which tracked the target through air surveillance, in continuation of their support for the joint efforts by the Syrian Democratic Forces, the Internal Security Forces and the anti-terror units, to prevent the cells of the terrorist organization ISIS from tampering with the security and stability of the region or undermining efforts to stabilize the region." their stability within north and east Syria.



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