SDF Commander: aim not Ain Issa rather whole Rojava

Melitan Ciya, commander in the Syrian Democratic Forces, the SDF, clarified that the Kurdish-Arab unity in the Ain Issa District is the vital factor in repellence to the attacks carried out by the Turkish Occupation Forces on the geographically small area. 

The popular resistance put up by the defiant people in such dire living conditions was hailed by the SDF commander'' people always take parts in such activities where unity and stance are proven by this unity Kurds and Arabs voice one stance'', she said.

Commander Melitan noted to the dangers posed by the Turkish plots '' Ain Issa is not the aim merely, rather the occupation of whole Rojava is the one that Turkey seeks for it is deranged by the gains made by the Kurds, for the last three months attacks have not remitted, the area is being targeted randomly and indiscriminately'', she said.  

The Turkish State entitles itself to the attacks, and that the SDF have no right to defence, that is utterly rejected, ''the freedom fighters are defending their lands, people and home, as all these are legitimate that will break all these schemes'', she said.

Melitan indicated that a media propaganda is being adopted and undertaken by the Turkish State, to misinform people and deform reality on the ground, ''it is the Turkish State that attacks, the SDF afflicted grave losses on then Occupiers, that was not expected from the Turkish State, to this it tries to occupy Ain Issa''. 

Melitan noted that though Ain Issa is a little area rather it has a very specific and strategic position, for it lies on the International Aleppo –Hasaka Highway known as the M4, to this Turkey has no right to control nether the district nor the M4, for it is very vital for peoples' needs such as commercial exchanges '' the M4 is not a military zone, the international powers have to be vigilant to Turkish intentions''.

At the end, Melitan gave assurances that the resistance is going on in the face of occupation, '' the decision is of the people, the SDF will never ever relinquish the M4 and the whole region, fighters are on the frontlines to defend people and land, we are all confident that victory will attend our rifles'', she concluded.



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