SDF commander: ISIS cells active in area as Turkish offensive continues - updated

The commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces in the axis of Ain Issa Ali Sher, confirmed that ISIS cells are active in the region as the Turkish offensive continues.

After the occupation of Turkey and its mercenaries to the areas of GIRÊ SPî /Tel-Abyed and Serêkaniyê/ Ras-al-Ain, and launching its attacks on Tel Tamr and Ain Issa district, aims to expand its occupation areas despite the declaration of a ceasefire agreement between Turkey and the United States on the one hand and a memorandum of understanding between Russia and Turkey on the other hand. Which provide for a cessation of hostilities

On the latest field developments in the axis of Ain Issa area, which is under attack by the Turkish occupation, our agency ANHA prepared an exclusive meeting with the commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces in the front line of Ain Issa, Ali Shir Judy.

Continuous attacks of occupation on Ain Issa

"The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries are launching attacks on the northern and western sides with heavy weapons, armored vehicles and drones, after the occupation of the village of Shirkrak and its silos, 15 kilometers north of Ain Issa."

He pointed out that "the mercenaries are stationed beside the international road from the village of Shirkrak north of Ain Issa to reach of Alya silos, while their occupation areas far away from the west side of Ain Issa 2 km north of Ain Issa camp, and a distance of 1 km from the international road from the same side," stressing "Their forces are taking a legitimate defense position and confronting the Turkish occupation attacks on the region."

Turkish army violates the ceasefire agreement

"There is an agreement between Russia and Turkey in Sochi and the declaration of a cease-fire, and the withdrawal of the Syrian Democratic Forces by a distance of 32 kilometers, we have committed to the agreement," he said, we withdrew according to that specific distance, we are now pulled behind the international road by 3 kilometers, but to protect Ain Issa area we stayed in the area because it is outside the agreement and is not concerned and it is 36 kilometers away from the border. "

"It was clear during the occupation of the village of Shirkrak and its silos, it is located directly on the international road through a trick and an agreement, so the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries are launching attacks on Ain Issa area to close the international road."

The commander stressed that "the attacks of the Turkish occupation left civilian casualties in the area, and therefore confront SDF forces attacks Turkish occupation."

What is the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries doing in the occupied territories?

Regarding the reality of the occupied territories, Judy said, "The Turkish occupation's action is looting and kidnapping of civilians. The explosions that occur in Suluk, Ain Arros and GIRÊ SPî are being carried out by the Turkish occupation mercenaries to create a security chaos." As in its attack on the villages of Sidon and Mulaq in the west of Ain Issa, there were disagreements among themselves regarding the stolen and looted items of civilians' properties. "

The role of sleeper cells beside the attacks of the Turkish occupation

"Sleeper cells are moving daily in the area by orders of the Turkish occupation. When the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries are defeated on the fronts, the sleeper cells in the area move, "The sleeper cells killed civilians on the road between Ain Issa and Raqqa days ago and threw their bodies beside the road, in addition to the bombing of the bridge between Ain Issa and al-Raqqa.

"Sleeper cells are moving under Turkish instructions and administration, in order to undermine security and stability in the rear front and destroy the basis of protection in the region, we will not allow security to be violated and we will remain committed to protecting all components from the threat of terrorism."

The attitude of the people to the violations and attacks of the Turkish occupation

As for the attitude of the people towards the Turkish attacks, the leader said, "There are Arabs, Kurds and a few Armenians. They do not accept the Turkish occupation of their territories. It was clear during the arrival of thousands of people from Manbij, Kobani, al-Raqqa, al-Tabqa and Deir-ez-Zor to Ain Issa area to denounce the attacks and emphasize the territorial integrity of Syria.

Judy called on the people to unite and join hands together, and that the youth have a firm position against the Turkish occupation.



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