SDF Commander: Protecting people and land top priority

Syrian Democratic Forces Commander, Baz Afrin, evaluated the movements of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries in Tal-Abyed canton, stressing that the silence of the Russian guarantor indicates its partnership in the occupier's crimes against civilians, and stressed that they in the SDF are exercising their right to legitimate defense of their land and people.

In recent times, Turkish occupying state and its mercenaries have stepped up their attacks on all fronts of Tal-Abyed canton and the M4 International Road, using heavy and internationally prohibited weapons to bomb populated villages, causing injuries to civilians on the international road.

Syrian Democratic Forces Commander, Baz Afrin, in a meeting with ANHA agency, referred to major reinforcements of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries have recently increased their movement on the seam lines, from the construction of new bases and military posts along with these bases, the lifting of dirt fortifications, the digging of trenches along the front lines on the northern side of Ain Issa and the western side of Tal-Abyed, and inside the occupied city, as well as the recruitment of large numbers of heavy weapons, such as cannons, tanks, rockets, missiles, and internationally prohibited weapons to these bases."

With regard to the situation of civilians within the Tal Abyed city, SDF Commander, Baz Afrin noted that they communicate with sources within the occupied city and according to the information provided from time to time by these sources, "The occupation mercenaries put considerable pressure on civilians, both in terms of living and security, forcing young men to join their ranks forcibly, not to mention of stealing, looting of property, murder, kidnapping, torture on false pretext, rape and forced exodus, repeating the same scenario of what happened in Afrin in the occupied cities of Tal-Abyed and Ras al-Ain."

He said: "Two years ago, on a near-daily basis, the Ain Issa and Tal-Abyed fronts witnessed heavy weapons attacks, particularly on populated villages, even far from the front lines. The occupation committed massacres against children, women and the elderly, burned down and destroyed houses and agricultural land. All this has happened before the eyes of the worldwide and do not lift a finger."

SDF Commander confirmed that if international silence about these crimes persists; It would expose the lives of civilians to greater risks than they currently live; In particular, the region was under serious threat, putting civilian lives at risk, and he expressed fears that more massacres and more abductions would be perpetrated against women and children.

Speaking about the threat to the lives of civilians using the M4 international route, Commander Baz Afrin said: "The road passes, on a daily basis, dozens of cars, civilian and commercial, back and forth between the territory of the Euphrates and a hill that passes by escorting armoured vehicles belonging to Russian forces."

Referring to the Russian position on the crimes committed by the Turkish occupier against civilians in the area, he said that a number of Russian observation posts were deployed along the front lines with the occupation and the international road, which had been established when the bombing of civilians with heavy weapons by the occupation had increased, with a view to overseeing the agreed armistice status, and which of the parties was breaking the truce.

He added: "We can say that the Russian silence over these violations means that it is a partner of the Turkish state in the attacks on the region, and that it agrees with the occupation on several secret points to serve its interests (Russian interests) in the region, at the expense of the people and their blood and on this land, means that Russia is showing itself as a guarantor, and that it is here to protect the people of the region, but on the ground it is showing otherwise."

Speaking about the role of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Tal Abyed canton and the region in general, Commander Baz Afrin said: "We in the SDF use our legitimate right to defend our land, our people and our borders, and avenge the civilians against whom the massacres are committed. We have committed ourselves to the truce agreed with the Turkish side two years ago."

In conclusion, Commander Baz Afrin, stressed that they were in SDF to protect their people, their land and their homeland, and that they are pledged to liberate their cities from Turkish occupation; all IDPs go home.

He went on to say:" Tal-Abyed people must be vigilant about the tricks of the Turkish occupation against them and move away from occupation, especially after the division it made among the families in Tal Abyed.



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