SDF commander: We thwarted many attempts on Ain Isaa

A commander in the Syrian Democratic Forces has stressed that they had foiled many attempts on the part of Turkish Occupation Army and its mercenaries to occupy the Ain Isaa district in north and east of Syria.

Ain Issa district and surrounding villages in the last three days were exposed to fierce assaults by Turkish Occupation Army and its mercenaries.

At dawn, October 21st, there was an attempt from the part of Turkish Occupation Army and its mercenary groups to sneak into the center of Ain Issa.

But the attempt was repelled by the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Military Council in Ain Issa on which the mercenaries were forced to retreat.

Commander in the Syrian Democratic Forces in Ain Issa front Aziz Kharbisan said '' the Turkish Occupation Army tried via the M4 Road, to penetrate into the center of Ain Issa from the side of the village of Saida, in north eastern Ain Issa, to the west of Gire Sipi Camp, using more than 50 Turkish soldiers and mercenaries from three fronts and tried to commit massacres against civilians but the attempt was thwarted.   

Russian and Syrian still remained silent about these attacks

And he added that "The attack took place before the eyes of the Damascus government and Russian soldiers, and targeted civilians and their property on the international highway in the area between Jalabiyya and Ain Issa during the passage of civilian convoys, where the vehicles carrying them were targeted."

And pointed out that there has been Turkish preparations to launch a wide scale assault, stressing that Syrian Democratic Forces are ready to repel any attack and foil and scheme to occupy the region.



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