​​​​​​​SDF disclose outcome of Turkish army's assaults on NE Syria during August

​​​​​​​The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) revealed outcome of the Turkish violations during the month of August, stressing that Turkey aims to complete its project in changing region's demography and national identity.

The Syrian Democratic Forces's Media Center issued a statement, revealing the outcome of the Turkish occupation crimes against the region of NE Syria during August 2022, which read:

1 -The southern countryside of Afrin:

Villages of the Sherawa district, primarily “Binah / Abyan, Aqiba / Eqiba, Jalt Ziyara / Ziyarah, Tanab, Mayassa, were subjected to 24 attacks using heavy artillery, tanks, missiles, and mortars. 766 artillery, tanks, and mortar shells landed on the mentioned villages resulting in injuring one child who has formerly displaced from the village of “Basleh / Baslhaya” in Shirawa district, in addition to injuring one soldier of the Damascus Government forces.

These villages are heavily populated with Afrin IDPs who were forcibly displaced by the Turkish-backed mercenaries.

2- Al-Shahba areas:

Al-Shahba areas have been subjected to violent bombardment that mainly focused on the town of Tal Rifaat and the surrounding villages. The brutal attacks claimed the lives of many civilians and wounded others, in addition to significant material damage to their property.

The result of the brutal attacks:

46 attacks targeted the areas, including a brutal attack on the downtown market of Tal Rif’at and 3 UAV strikes, one against an outpost belonging to the Damascus Government forces, causing material damages.

Around 623 missiles and artillery tank shells landed in the areas resulting in the martyrdom of 6 civilians, one girl, one woman, three other civilians, and one soldier. In addition, 16 civilians were wounded, including 6 women. The attacks also resulted in significant material damage to civilian property.

3 -Ain Issa town and its countryside:

The Ain Issa town, especially its countryside and the international road M4, was subject to 41 intense attacks and shellings using artilleries, heavy machine guns, tanks, and bomb throwers, in addition to 2 UAV strikes. Around 412 shells landed in the area and caused severe damage to civilian property and water pumps of “Al-Heisha” and “Al-Fatisa”, and electricity blackout in the western villages of Tal Abyad.

4 -Tal Tamir countryside:

The countryside of Tal Tamir was subjected to 25 attacks with heavy artillery and tanks and 3 UAV strikes resulting in the martyrdom of 6 civilians, including 4 school girls, and 2 fighters of the Syriac Military Council. In addition to wounding 5 civilians, including one child and 3 soldiers of the Damascus Government forces, including one officer. The brutal aggressions also caused severe damage to civilian property and communication towers.

5- Qamishlo and its countryside:

Using UAVs, the Turkish occupying army targeted the populated neighborhoods in the city center of Qamishlo, which resulted in the killing of several civilians.

It also targeted with heavy artillery (Ubis) the Qamishlo countryside, especially the areas of “Al-Derbasiyah” and “Tirbespiye”.

In total, the area was subjected to 24 attacks, 8 of which targeted the city of “Al-Darbasiyah”, and 4 attacks targeted the city of Tirbespiye.

3 UAV strikes, two of which targeted civilian cars, the first one was in the Qamishlo downtown, and the other was in the countryside.

43 shells of different kinds of weapons landed in the area resulting in the martyrdom of 5 civilians, including two children, and 6 fighters, four of whom were from the Self-defense forces who were guarding the Covid-19 Hospital in the city.

In addition, 19 people were wounded, including 3 soldiers and one girl who was working on a farm, two women, a shepherd, 8 children, and one soldier of the Damascus Government forces.

6- Kobane and its countryside:

The populated neighborhoods of Kobane city and its countryside were also brutally shelled and targeted with artillery, tanks, armored vehicle, and missiles, which resulted in civilian casualties.

Moreover, The outpost of the Damascus Gov. forces, deployed on the border west of Kobane, was also targeted by Turkish aircraft resulting in casualties and material damage.


In total: the area was attacked 4 times, and one airstrike airstrikes resulting in the killing of 2 civilians and 4 soldiers of the Damascus Gov. forces.

In addition to wounding 5 people, including one child, and 3 soldiers of the Damascus Gov. forces.

The aggressions also caused severe damage to civilian properties, including the house of the child whose leg was amputated due to a Turkish UAV strike on his house earlier this year.

7- Amuda and its countryside:

Amuda town and its countryside were subjected to 5 heavy artilleries attacks, and 3 UAV strikes against two outposts belonging to the SDF Self-defense forces and the Damascus Gov. forces, resulting in the martyrdom of five Self-defense fighters.

The bombing also targeted a press crew affiliated with ROJAVA TV.

8- Tal Abyad western countryside:

The Turkish occupation targeted the villages of the western countryside of Tal Abyad city 6 times in an attempt to force the residents to flee from their villages for occupying purposes. 18 shells landed on the mentioned areas.

9 – Manbij and its countryside:

The villages of the northern countryside of Manbij were bombarded 2 times with 55 heavy artillery and mortar shells, causing material damage to the civilians’ properties.



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