SDF discloses number of martyrs, wounded as result of attack by ISIS cells on Al-Hasakah prison

 The Syrian Democratic Forces announced that 17 of their forces, internal security forces and volunteers in service institutions were martyred since the ISIS attack on Al-Hasakah prison, and 23 were wounded, pledging to continue the struggle against ISIS and its supporters.

The Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces issued a statement revealing the death toll and the wounded since ISIS cells launched the attack the day before yesterday on Al-Hasakah prison, and the statement stated:

 “Since the last attack by ISIS terrorists on Al-Hasakah prison on January 20, our fighters have been making the greatest sacrifices in order to protect the region, its residents and global security.

 We in the Syrian Democratic Forces proudly remember 17 of our martyrs in the military and internal security forces, as well as volunteers in service institutions, who rose from the first hours until the moment while they confronted the terrorist attacks and prevented the escape of mercenaries from Al-Sina’a prison in Al-Hasakah. We also wish a speedy recovery to 23 of our comrades fighters  and civil servants who were injured while repelling the attack.

 The blood of our martyrs is an inspiration to all our fighters to continue the struggle against the terrorist organization ISIS and its supporters.”



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