SDF ended new training course for their fighters in al-Tabqa

SDF ended a new course in al-Tabqa in conjunction with the military operations to liberate the last enclave of IS in northern and eastern Syria from mercenaries who are besieged in several hundred meters in the village of al-Bagouz.


The course was named the Martyr "Mahmoud Raqqa" course in al-Bu Asi town in the countryside of al-Tabqa area where a number of military commanders participated in its ceremony.

The co-chair of the Legislative Council Hamed Al-Faraj, the co-chair of the Executive Council, Shayar Mohammad, Commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces Omid Kabar", as well as a number of elders and dignitaries of the Arab tribes in the region participated in its ceremony.

The ceremony of ending the course started with presenting a military parade coincided with holding a minute of silence.

The co-chair of the Defense and Self-Defense Committee, Mohammed Ali Khaled congratulated ending the military course under the current political and military circumstances adding "today, in conjunction with the battles of our forces to defeat terrorism and liberate northern and eastern Syria from the abomination of the people of our regions, the sons of our regions organize themselves within the SDF formed by the people of northern and eastern Syria. "

Then the fighters took the military oath pledging to defend the gains of northern and eastern Syria, which achieved the blood of the martyrs, stressing that the struggle and resistance is a lifelong approach.

It is noteworthy, that the course lasted for 45 days during which the fighters received intellectual lessons, military tactics, and the use of weapons of all types.



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