SDF fighter monitors conditions of Qasimiya village

The fighter in the ranks of SDF Şêrawa Enteriyê that the Turkish occupation army is intensifying its attacks on the village of Qasimiya, but their forces are confronting them and inflicting heavy losses.

The village of Qasimiya belonging to Tel-Tamr district is witnessing violent attacks by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries from Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS, amid the Syrian Democratic Forces confronting them and thwarting their plans.

The village of Qasimiya is far away about 1 km from the positions of the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army where ANHA correspondents were able to reach the village and closely monitor the village.

On the developments in the village, they met the fighter in the ranks of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Şêrawa Enteriyê, where he pointed out “The Turkish occupation drones do not stop hovering over the village,” he said. "The Turkish occupation army targeted many civilians in the village.

He added that the Turkish occupation army's mercenaries launched their attacks from the village of Mahmudiya, located northeast of Tel Tamr, as it is far from the village of Qasimiya 1 km, but we are confronting their attacks and thwart their plans.

He added that the mercenaries launch their attacks only in broad daylight, they are also hiding their wounds at Mahmudiya village school, which is protected by Turkish drones.

At the end of his speech, he said that they will not allow the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army to advance and will confront all attacks and will be thwarted.



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