SDF from local force to international forums

The annual meeting of the commanders of the Syrian Democratic Forces' )SDF( formations to build and set suitable plans for the comming period in the march to achieve final victory on Daesh mercnearies and consolidate the security and stablity in all regions of northern Syria, and promoting SDF and making them the guarantee a democratic, free, and plural Syria, how did SDF develop, and reach this stage?

In this file, we will see the stages that the Syrian Democratic Forces have gone through since establishment till holding the annual meeting in  2015.

In October 15, 2015 in a press conference, the formation of the Syrian Democratic Forces was declared, which major goal is building a democratic Syria where all Syrian citizens enjoy their rights in dignity, freedom and justice.

Daesh was seizing massive spans of Syrian and Iraqi territories when the Syrian Democratic Forces were formed, the forces have begun several campaigns till they were crowned with eliminating Daesh in March of the current year.

This formation came to meet the aspirations of the northeastern Syria peoples in unity and defeating terrorism, SDF consist of military factions comprising Arabs, Kurds, Syriacs, Turkmens, Assyrians and Cheldens.

 Since SDF establishment,they have launched campaigns against Daesh mercenaries and defended many areas that were subjected to Turkish and Syrian regime's attacks.

The first campaign started from the southern countryside of Hasakah "al-Hol, Shadadi" followed by a campaign to liberate the southern countryside of Kobani canton, then several ones were launched against Daesh mercenaries in Tabqa, Raqqa and finally Deir ez-Zor's.

 More than 11 thousand fighters have sacrificed their lives in these campaigns, as well as 24 thousand person who got wounded.

With each victory, the number of fighters who joined SDF ranks increased, thus hte necessity to form a new comprehensive organizational structure came to the forefront, as the number of the fighters has reached around 70 thousand people

76 military regiments have been formed and distributed to military councils of each city, where each regiment includes 250 fighters in different speciality.

The work of SDF command and the military council does not restrict to the military organization, it aslo includes bureaus and administrative committees, some of these bureaus are: fighters' families, public relations, archive, the  press, civil affairs, number and training, arming and food supply, military information, women fighters affairs.

It is execpted that the Syrian Democratic Forces hold their second conference in the coming period.



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